There’s no doubt that vampire vape’s Heisenberg and Pinkman are now vaping royalty. It should come as no surprise that these fruity masterpieces are the first two flavours to feature in the Nic Salts collection. If you haven’t tried Pinkman yet, we can’t begin to imagine where you have been but you now have a new version with which top up your tank Featuring nicotine salts for a stronger and longer-lasting hit, the new Pinkman brings something rather exciting to the party.

Gosh, we haven’t mentioned the flavour profile! Just in case you have kept your head in a bag for several years, Pinkman is a pleasing blend of orange, lemon and grapefruits. There’s nothing new there but the nic salts are game changers. This type of nicotine is absorbed into your bloodstream much more quickly than regular nicotine and the affects last for longer. That makes nic salts an excellent choice if you can’t vape for long periods of the day. But don’t overdo it when you are able to reach for your e cig as too much nicotine is never a good thing!

Pinkman Nic Salts features a 50VG base which is suitable for all devices You might be needing a few of the 10ml bottles when you taste this delicious juice, so fill your boots while you can!

  • 50VG/50PG eliquid
  • Citrus blend
  • Made in the UK
  • Features Nic Salts for a longer lasting hit
  • Supplied in 10ml bottles
  • Available in nicotine strength 10MG

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