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£15.00 £10.00

We have an absolute bargain for you here!

100ml red tunez  + 100ml black tunez & 4 nic shots

Cherry tunes – cherry menthol aniseed

Black tunes – blackcurrant menthol aniseed

For only £10!



5 reviews for CHERRY TUNES & BLACK TUNES BUNDLE | 200ML | JUST £10

  1. Sharon

    Absolute bargain

    I thought this was to cheap tbh but gave it a shot and so glad I did it’s my fav vape and will never buy anywhere else again if they keep this price up I’m going to be fully stocked for a year 🙂 absolutely the best vape juice I have ever tried the flavours are spot on 🙂

  2. Mikey B

    Great price
    Great flavour
    What more can I ask for
    I’ve ordered these twice and and can’t fault them premium juices just don’t cost me and arm and a leg 🤣

  3. SexyPirate (verified owner)

    Don’t let the price fool you into thinking this isn’t a great liquid.
    The cherry one is my favourite at the moment. Very similar to a Heisenberg vape for the menthol hit but with a different fruity flavour, I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a change from Heisenberg as that used to be my daily vape until I found this and can now switch between the two. normally I find some flavours aren’t strong enough but this one has plenty flavour.

  4. Lacey D (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing liquid for the price, flavour is distinct

  5. Lacey D (verified owner)

    The liquid is amazing, however the caps on the bottles are very loose . The other day I went to fill my vape up and all of the top of the bottle came off and I lost about 70ml of liquid . I didn’t put too much pressure on the bottle and when I put the cap back on I was able to take it off with my fingers. Usually I aren’t able to take the cap off at all. Still great price but just be careful of the caps .

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